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We provide complete solution from technical support, material supply, installation activities as well as buy back the old tubes. Chakra Bitara can be your partner in providing complete Project Management and be single contact point in executing furnace coil replacement work.  

Reformer Tubes

These centrifugally cast high alloyed tubes produced by some well-known manufacturers such as Manoir, Schmidt + Clemens, Kubota, Paralloy, Duraloy, Metaltek and others.

DRI Tubes

DRI Tubes is known worldwide for the material and process controls that ensure the reliability that these very high temperature applications demand.

Cracking Coil

Cracking Coil technology for gas feed, technology enables selectivity optimization and to obtain very large capacity furnaces, to create a robust plant design.


Convection is for steam reformer and steam reformer,reformer/catalyst tubes, radiant coils, inlet and outlet manifolds, convection coils, tube sheets.

About Chakra Bitara

Chakra bitara Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in year 2013 with very ambitious business plan to provide service to one of the highly technical and know how demanding area within Petrochemical, Oil and Gas as well as Steel plants. Our emphasis is mainly to offer the expertise in the so called “Heart of the plant” or also generally known as Furnace, Cracking Furnace, Reformer Furnace or Direct Reduction Furnace.


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