Core Service

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Core service Reformer, DRI Tubes, Cracking coil, Convection

Our service largely involved in the Furnace area of the petrochemical plant. Generally there are three types of furnaces in the Petrochemical plant namely Reformer, Cracking and Direct Reduction Furnaces.

These furnaces designed by various engineering company such as Lummus, Hoalder Topsoe, Lurgi, Linde, Foster Wheeler, Technip, Stone and Webster and many others. We provide our expertise in the installation of radiant tubes, fitting and other accessories in these furnaces. These centrifugally cast high alloyed tubes produced by some well-known manufacturers such as Manoir, Schmidt + Clemens, Kubota, Paralloy, Duraloy, Metaltek and others. We have hands on experience in handling various type of design and alloy in our routine activities.


  • Reformer tubes
  • Cracking coils
  • Direct Reduction tubes


  • Convection
  • Crossover
  • Manifold and Header
  • Pigtails