About Us

Chakra Bitara was incorporated in Malaysia in year 2013 with very ambitious business plan to provide service to one of the highly technical and knowhow demanding area within Petrochemical, Oil and Gas as well as Steel plants.

Our emphasis is mainly to offer the expertise in the so called “Heart of the plant” or also generally known as Furnace, Cracking Furnace, Reformer Furnace or Direct Reduction Furnace.

We provide complete solution from technical support, material supply up to installation activities as well as buy back the old tubes.  In other words Chakra Bitara can be your Partner in providing complete Project Management and be single Contact Point in executing furnace coil replacement work.

Our core business focusing with high temperature furnace tubes and coils such as Ethylene Cracker, Reformers, DRI Tubes and Convection tubes which is known to be niche sector and demands very high technical know how. Majority of these high Nickel Alloy products are produced by centrifugal casting process and required careful and delicate handling during installation process. Our team experts inherits more than 20 years’ knowledge and experience working with one of the Market leader in the industry and having many experiences in handling such projects.

We also established strong relationships and alliances with our diverse partners to enable us to access to the most new and advance technology in the sector as well other supplementary services such as Burners, insulation Non Destructive Test, Failure Analysis, Creep Test and etc.


To continuously be the First in the market to Embark On New Technology, Innovative Ideas and Knowledge with Comprehensive range of Products and Services to Meet And Exceed The Expectations of all the Customers.


To Be Acknowledged Locally, regionally and Internationally As Preferred partner for Furnace re-Coiling and Revamp and Consistently Meets Standards Of Excellence

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